Since April 20, 2017, We Have:

  • Provided hotel accommodations for a night’s sleep and essential gear for a homeless marine
  • Funded supplies for a wheel chair ramp to be constructed for a  paralyzed Veteran
  • Funded supplies for the renovation of a paralyzed Veteran’s home
  • Funded 50% of the down payment for a Veteran’s car
  • Funded medications and care for War Dogs that cannot go back to society
  • Funded counseling, emergencies, and travel expenses for Veterans and Veterans’ families
  • Funded 250 motel nights for homeless female Veterans, plus emergency money (on going, every four months)
  • Funded scholarship for Veteran to attend Veteran Peer Support Specialist Classes and Wellness Recovery Action Plan classes
  • Funded scholarships for Veterans to obtain service dogs
  • Funded medications for retired War Dogs. (Note: Did you know that when a War Dog is retired from serving its country and people, it is just left without ANY benefits.  Veterans groups are attempting to remedy this mistake.  You can help by contacting your local and state representatives)
  • Emergency funds for delinquent rent
  • Emergency wheelchair for paralyzed Korean War Veteran

And more happening almost everyday…

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